Wandin Park Riding Club For Adults


Payment of Lessons

All rally lessons are booked and paid for through Event Secretary. A cut off date is listed for members to book and after that cut off date rallies may be opened to outside HRCAV members to fill any vacant spots. If you withdraw prior to cutoff date a refund is offered but if you withdraw after the cut off date a vet or doctors certificate within 14 days of cancellation is required.
Rally fees are:

Lesson Fee $25

**If you are a new member who has not selected the Working Bee Levy Option, or a previous member who has not fulfilled club duties, please note your lesson fees will be $30 per lesson throughout the current financial year.

Grounds Fee $11 per horse brought to rally.

How to book in for the next rally

Important info regarding Showjumping lessons

Level Assessment

Level assessment is offered to members at rallies where our level assessor Veronica Harris is attending.  Cost is $15 and is payable directly to Veronica.